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May 8, 2024
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Live crypto baccarat is rapidly gaining popularity in the online gambling world, offering a unique and interactive experience that players can enjoy on various devices. This thrilling live game variant brings the classic excitement of baccarat into the digital age, blending traditional gameplay with modern cryptocurrency convenience. Continue reading to discover tips on how to maximize your chances of winning big in this dynamic game.

Live Crypto Baccarat Overview

Unlike standardbaccarat games, live crypto baccarat doesn’t have a demo mode. Its rules are the same as standard baccarat. There are two sides here – player and banker. You’re the player and the dealer is the banker.

The idea is to wager on one of the two possible outcomes. After you bet, each party receives two cards. Then, the dealer reveals all four cards. The better hand wins. By “better hand,” we mean the side whose sum is closer to 9 or equal to 9.

Here’s how the card counting goes here. Royals are equal to zero and cards 2-9 have a value identical to their number. If your sum goes over 10, then the value is the one equal to the second digit of the sum. For example, if your hand has 6 and 7, the value isn’t 13, it’s 3.

If your sum is 8 or 9, you get the so-called “natural win.” You can ask for a third card if you think that your sum will go closer to 9. A few additional side bets in live crypto baccarat include:

  • All black/all red
  • Dragon 8
  • Bellagio match
  • Big and small
  • Dragon 7

Playing Baccarat with Live Dealers

When it comes to live crypto baccarat casino games, the live dealer is the biggest standout feature. Trained professionals host the game from a studio in a certain location. To access the stream, you need to register at the crypto baccarat site.

What’s even more impressive, is that when you play baccarat live at online crypto casinos, you can chat with the dealer. That makes this variant highly interactive and it takes away the only disadvantage of standard online baccarat – the lack of the social element.

Benefits of Playing Crypto Baccarat with Live Dealers

Crypto baccarat games live have quite a few benefits. They’re the reason why so many players are looking to register at Bitcoin baccarat sites to play them. Cryptorush is all about the details, which is why we’re more than happy to list those benefits.

Interaction with Dealers

First up, we have the social factor. When playing these live casino games, you can chat with dealers. As such, the game itself is much more interactive and it will enhance your overall experience. While chatting, you’re more than welcome to ask about the rules of playing baccarat, payouts, etc.

Dynamic Gameplay

The gameplay in live crypto baccarat games is very fast. As such, you’ll be in for a dynamic treat. You’ll waste no time and the excitement will be at the highest possible level. Dealers are also very friendly, meaning that you won’t feel like you’re not welcome here. As one of the best crypto baccarat sites, Cryptorush guarantees an entertaining and secure gaming environment.

Instant Rewards

When you play at Cryptorush, you can withdraw your potential rewards instantly. One of the benefits of using cryptocurrencies is their fast processing time. In retrospect, fiat money methods can have a processing period of up to 5 business days.

Higher Betting Limits

As one of the best crypto casinos, Cryptorush applies higher wagering limits. So, when you play Bitcoin baccarat online, you’ll have much more flexibility. Higher flexibility ultimately leads to a better gaming experience and that’s exactly what every player aims for.

Live Baccarat vs Crypto Live Baccarat

Live casino games such as crypto baccarat and crypto roulette rank pretty well when compared to their fiat variants. One would even argue that there are some fields where live crypto online baccarat games excel. Let’s have a look at the table to see what we actually mean by that.

Live Baccarat
Lower betting limits
Slower processing period for withdrawals
Usually implement several KYC methods
Live baccarat is featured at almost every online casino
Crypto Live Baccarat
High betting limits
Instant winning withdrawal
No additional KYC needed
Crypto casinos with live baccarat aren’t as diverse

Different Variants of Live Crypto Baccarat

The best Bitcoin baccarat casino sites will give you access to several variants of live online baccarat. Thanks to that, you’ll always be able to test something new and add a bit more diversity to the overall experience. The general rules are identical, but each variant has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Golden Wealth Baccarat

Golden Wealth Baccarat takes place in an elegant environment. Each time you make a player bet, a 20% Golden Card fee applies. Five Golden Cards appear in each round and their multipliers go as high as x8. If you win a hand and match one or more Golden Cards, you’ll receive an adequate multiplier.

Lightning Baccarat

In Lightning Baccarat, you’ll be able to unlock various multipliers. After the betting time expires, the so-called “Lightning Round” will begin. A lightning effect strikes and it reveals five cards with multipliers. You’re required to match one of your hands with the lightning cards. The more cards you match, the higher the multiplier becomes.

No Commission Baccarat

The main reason why No Commission Baccarat is so popular is that this live crypto gambling variant doesn’t apply the standard 5% fee on bank wins. As such, if you make a bet on the bank, you’ll enjoy higher baccarat winnings. The rest of the rules remain the same.

Speed Fortune Baccarat

As the name itself suggests, Speed Fortune Baccarat is played at a faster rate than usual. The betting rounds have a shorter timeframe. As such, you’re required to make faster decisions. This is a great pick for those who like to go straight to the point and enjoy a more electrifying experience.

How to Play Crypto Live Baccarat

A person writing their personal information on Cryptorush website while signing up. Step 1

Register at Cryptorush

First up, register at Cryptorush. Our process of signing up is very fast and straightforward. Since we use the latest security software, the information that you provide will always remain in safe hands.

A person checking Cyrptorush casino from a laptop. Step 2

Deposit Money and Claim a Bonus

Cryptorush is known for offering the best bonuses. As soon as you register, choose one of the available cryptocurrencies, deposit funds and claim the adequate reward.

A person browsing through Cyrptorush from a laptop. Step 3

Browse The Live Baccarat Library

Browse our library to check out our live dealer baccarat variations. You’ll be happy to know that we feature several titles, all of which are entertaining and created by the best gaming providers.

Various cyrpto coins on top of a mobile device. Step 4

Play Baccarat Games Live

Pick your favorite live Bitcoin baccarat game and access it. You can use the funds from the deposit and the bonus to play it for real money on your desktop or mobile device.

The math regarding game providers is very simple – quality providers equal quality Bitcoin live baccarat games. That’s why the reputation of the supplier itself can make a huge difference. So, if you’re planning on playing online baccarat with live dealers, here are some crypto game providers that you should be on the lookout for:

It’s worth sharing a word or two on Evolution here. Hailed as a true pioneer in the modern iGaming industry, Evolution Gaming is the giant in the live gambling business. This provider creates various live games. Live baccarat is one of its biggest USPs. A few of the titles that Evolution created over the years include Speed Baccarat, Lightning Baccarat, XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat, No Commission Baccarat and Peek Baccarat.

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with Live Crypto Baccarat

There’s no denying the fact that you’ll be in for a treat when you play BTC baccarat live. Cryptorush will give you access to several variations, all of which are optimized for mobile and desktop use. The rules in live baccarat are simple to comprehend and the betting limits are suitable for all players.

Thanks to that fact, both casuals and high rollers will have a fun experience playing it. All you have to do to access your favorite live dealer baccarat game is register at Cryptorush. KYC is not required; you’ll be able to deposit funds and claim a bonus right away.


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