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Crypto jackpot slots fascinate casino players at Cryptorush from all around the world, especially when news of a new record-breaking win hits the wider public. These captivating slot machines may look the same as the regular online slots you are used to, but the main difference is the jaw-dropping winning potential that often goes into millions.

So, before you try your luck with Bitcoin jackpot slots, let’s take a look at how they function and how you can exclusively access them at Cryptorush.

What Are Crypto Jackpot Slots?

You can think of Bitcoin jackpot games as normal video slots with a little something extra—well, something more than just a little! Such games feature fixed or progressive jackpots that allow you to win top prizes with just a single spin.

These amounts can be local to Cryptorush or they can be pooled across a number of Bitcoin jackpot casinos, but we will dive into the types of jackpot slots below.

Furthermore, please be aware that there is a big difference between a slot machine’s grand prize and the jackpot. Jackpots are prizes that you can win separately from your wins during the main gameplay. To secure the jackpot prize when playing at crypto casinos like Cryptorush, you need to trigger the jackpot feature while spinning the reels.

Bitcoin casino games can vary by theme, paylines, jackpot prizes, and method of winning, and we are proud to offer you that versatility. As one of the best Bitcoin jackpot casinos, Cryptorush has integrated the most popular local and progressive jackpot slot games, so you are sure to find an attractive and rewarding game that matches your preferences.

How to Play Crypto Jackpot Games

Various cyrpto coins on top of a mobile device. Step 1

Buy Your Preferred Crypto

As a crypto-first online gambling site, you will need to have a certain amount of crypto to play jackpot slots on the site. You can purchase your preferred amount at various crypto exchange platforms.

A person writing their personal information on Cryptorush website while signing up. Step 2

Register at Cryptorush

One of the biggest perks of Bitcoin casinos like Cryptorush is that you won’t need to go through lengthy sign-up processes. Just fill out the short registration form, and you are all set!

A person checking Cyrptorush casino from a laptop. Step 3

Make a Deposit and Claim Your Welcome Bonus

It is now time for you to make your first deposit at Cryptorush and claim the welcome bonus. There are three deposit bonus offers you will be able to claim, so make your pick!

A person browsing through Cyrptorush from a laptop. Step 4

Play BTC Jackpot Slots

Your gaming adventure can now begin, as a wide plethora of BTC jackpot games awaits you at Cryptorush. Scroll through the game library, make your pick, and hopefully secure a win!

Types of Bitcoin and Crypto Jackpot Slots

Besides the huge winning potential, one of the determining factors that makes crypto jackpot slots so popular at Cryptorush is their versatility. Before you dive into real-money jackpot prize hunts, it is imperative to understand the different types of slots you will encounter at top Bitcoin jackpot sites like Cryptorush.

Fixed Jackpots

First off, we have fixed jackpot games that are more common and have fixed prize amounts. As the jackpot sum is already predetermined, the maximum prizes tend to have a much lower value compared to what you can find in a progressive jackpot slot. Don’t let the smaller value fool you; there’s still a significant sum up for grabs.

Due to their structure, fixed jackpot games don’t depend on the bets of other players or your average bet – it all comes down to good luck and chance. Usually, such games have more than one jackpot, which will vary in value.

You will be able to trigger any of the corresponding jackpots by collecting symbols in the base game, triggering a special feature, or simply at random!

Finally, the RTP of fixed jackpot casino games tends to be higher, leading to more frequent wins – at least in theory!

Local Jackpot Slots

As a reputable casino, Cryptorush will never limit your gaming experience with just fixed jackpot slots. Our wide range of progressive jackpot slots includes some local titles where you and other registered players participate in an ever-increasing prize pool.

Local jackpot slots are progressive titles that can only be found at one online casino. As such, only registered players at that particular Bitcoin casino can contribute towards the jackpot that grows all the time.

Of course, this means that the ultimate prize is usually much smaller than what you may encounter at shared progressive jackpots, but the odds of winning will inherently be better.

Progressive Jackpot Slot Games

Your Bitcoin casino experience is sure to be much more exciting and potentially rewarding if you decide to try out some of our progressive Bitcoin jackpot slots. Due to the prizes accumulated by collective bets made by a large pool of online casino players, these games feature jackpots that grow each time someone wagers on the game.

Let’s say you place a bet at Cryptorush on the ever-popular Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, or Hall of Gods. This action adds a small percentage of your bet to a common prize pool. Because some of the progressive jackpots at Cryptorush have a large fan base, the number of bets can often reach millions. You can then imagine how large the prize pool would be if you collected all of these bets together. Eventually, one lucky player will trigger the top jackpot and take the million-dollar prize home!

Crypto Jackpot Games vs. Fiat Currency Jackpot Slots

You now know how jackpot slots at Cryptorush work, but one question may still beckon: why don’t you simply play such games at traditional casinos with traditional payment methods? Well, just take a look at what crypto casinos have to offer compared to their fiat counterparts, and it will all be clearer to you.

Crypto Jackpots
Near-instant payouts when you secure wins
Provably fair games
Hefty bonuses that you can use to play jackpot slots
Anonymous gambling
Fiat Jackpots
Payouts can take up to 5 business days
RNG-based games that guarantee fairness
Bonuses are not that generous at fiat casinos
You need to go through KYC processes to play jackpot games

Crypto jackpot games won’t be worth much if you don’t have a comprehensive list of crypto payment options for your deposits and withdrawals.

As stated above, you will need to buy your preferred cryptocurrency from a crypto exchange before you can play at Cryptorush, but which one do you opt for? Here are the most commonly used crypto payment options among registered users at Cryptorush.


Any discussion around crypto gambling must start with Bitcoin – the first and biggest cryptocurrency in the world. Bitcoin is at an all-time high at the moment, and more than half of all casino bets all around the world are made with BTC.

Bitcoin is slowly but surely hitting its peak price this year, so with so much hype surrounding the entire crypto market, it is no surprise that BTC jackpot slots will increase in value even further.

So, why would you choose a BTC casino for your online gambling endeavor? Here are its main benefits:

  • It’s decentralized: Instead of a central regulatory authority, you are completely in charge of your money.
  • It’s safe: As Bitcoin transactions are anonymous, identity theft is out of the question. Also, Bitcoin transactions are immutable, so there can be no alteration.
  • It’s fast: Regardless of where you gamble from, the withdrawal process when using BTC is near-instant.
  • Low fees: As there are no middlemen overseeing the transaction, BTC transactions feature very low fees.


Coming up in close second in terms of popularity, we have Ether – the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network. The sole purpose of Ethereum’s development in 2013 was to expand the possibilities of blockchain technology.

Instead of just using blockchain to record financial transactions, Ethereum set out to decentralize the entire internet thanks to its self-executing smart contracts. Due to ETH’s high-tech features, you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience that is immune from any interference – which is the core of decentralized payments!

Of course, as ETH seeks to further decentralize the internet, its payouts are much quicker than those of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. With the significant advantages of ETH gambling, all you need to do is buy it through a crypto exchange platform and begin playing crypto jackpots at Cryptorush.


Litecoin was established back in 2011 by former Google engineer Charlie Lee. He created Litecoin to be the “lite version of BTC,”  and it was created to fill out the gaps Bitcoin leaves as it “gravitated towards centralization.”

Therefore, LTC adopts plenty of the features Bitcoin has, but there are also some improvements to mention, most notably its faster processing times and lower fees for transactions.

Therefore, we at Cryptorush are not surprised to see Litecoin presenting itself as one of the most suitable cryptocurrencies for online gambling. The quickness of transactions, minimal fees, and high-security measures will ensure you enjoy a thrilling journey while playing exclusive games at Cryptorush.

Bitcoin coins falling in front of jackpot slot machines, highlighting popularity.

Key Strategies for Playing Jackpot Games

Luck will always be the determining factor behind crypto slots at Cryptorush, so there is not much of a strategy you can use when gambling. However, we don’t want to discourage you from trying out our extensive range of provably fair games with jackpot prizes.

On the contrary, we believe that the grand jackpot prizes are more than worth your attention, but before you try them out, here are a few tips to help you boost the odds at least a bit in your favor:

  • Start off small: Even though the progressive jackpot slots usually require you to bet the maximum amount to hit the top prize, don’t just blindly do that from the start. Start playing these games for free first, and then dive into smaller bets. If your wallet allows you to, build your way up to big bets.
  • Choose carefully: No one rushes you, so take your time and browse through our extensive library of crypto jackpots. Compare them, and preferably try out the ones that feature bigger prize pools.
  • Try fixed jackpots: It is not just the progressive Bitcoin casino games that can accumulate stunning wins; don’t neglect the fixed jackpot games as well! Despite their incomparable values, a lucky break can still lead to a substantial win.
  • Claim bonuses: One of the main reasons why Cryptorush has climbed to the very top of the crypto gambling world is that we offer hefty bonuses that can boost your bankroll. Casino offers can be more than helpful in your quest for big jackpot wins.

As a golden rule, don’t forget to gamble responsibly. You need to bet only what you can afford to lose while enjoying our impressive collection of jackpot titles. Remember to always set a budget and never step out of it.

A Reliable Platform With the Best Crypto Jackpot Titles

All of the above has been just a sneak peek at what you can look forward to as a registered user at Cryptorush. We pride ourselves on being the number one crypto casino in the world, with a vast selection of jackpot games.

So, are you hungry for more and want to try out the best crypto jackpots in the industry? Complete the simple sign-up process at Cryptorush, deposit with your preferred cryptocurrency, and dive into the world of champions!


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