The Best Crypto Mines Casino Game Variants

Mines casino games are a novelty in the online gambling world, but their rise in popularity has been nothing short of impressive. There are numerous online Mines casino games, but all of them have a similar structure with the same goal – explore the depths of a minefield that is riddled with explosive mines.

So, are you looking for a fresh online gambling experience? Then, you are at the right place, so let’s see what the Mines gambling game is all about!

About The Mines Game

Mines is a thrilling arcade game that you can find at any prominent crypto online casino in the world. As is the case with plenty of crypto casino games, Mines appeals to online casino enthusiasts with its aesthetics and simple game structure.

The basics of all Mines casino games are very straightforward. All of them feature a grid with tiles, and your job will be to simply uncover them. Beneath some squares, you will uncover win multipliers, but be careful – some of the squares feature mines, and if you land on one, the game round ends.

Overall, the Mines game uses a minimalistic design and straightforward rules. All this creates a relaxing overall gaming experience, but depending on the game, you can look forward to some hefty wins!

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What Does Mines Gambling Mean?

If you have ever played the classic Minesweeper game on your Windows PC, then you will have no problems getting familiar with the Mines game. This exciting game has very simple rules – you need to open all the tiles in the game and avoid mines along the way.

With each new round, the field is refreshed, and the mines will be added to different places. Of course, since we talk about crypto gambling, Mines is based on the Provably Fair Mechanism. Thanks to it, all outcomes are unbiased and you can’t predict the outcome of the next round.

We can say that Mines has a similar structure to crash games, which are also common in the crypto gambling sphere. In a crash game, you will need to cash out your win multiplier before it crashes and you are left with nothing, so Mines follows a similar path.

Crypto Mines Gameplay

The crypto Mines game has nodifferent rules than the traditional version you can find in fiat online casinos. The only obvious difference is that you will get to deposit and withdraw with cryptocurrencies thus enjoying swift and low-fee transactions.

As for the gameplay, depending on the provider, you might see slight fluctuations in the theme, graphics, RTP, and minimum and maximum bet sizes. Nonetheless, the objective will always be the same: avoid the tiles filled with mines and uncover the ones that contain win multipliers.

Even though Mines has arguably the simplest rules of all casino games, it wouldn’t hurt to play a few free rounds. The demo mode of the game will help all novices grasp its basics, after which the entire gameplay will be just intuitive.

Pros and Cons of Playing Mines

Mines guarantees exciting gameplay that can potentially be very rewarding, but we have to mention that there are some downsides you must be prepared for when enjoying these game variants.

Customizable games
Fast gameplay
Simple rules
Eligible for cryptocurrency
Basic visuals
Potential for substantial loss due to the game’s rapid pace

How to Play Mines With Crypto

Various cyrpto coins on top of a mobile device. Step 1

Buy Crypto

Cryptocurrency gambling will open up a whole new spectrum of gambling possibilities. Therefore, your first order of business should be purchasing your preferred digital asset from a crypto exchange platform.

A person writing their personal information on Cryptorush website while signing up. Step 2

Create an Account at Cryptorush

Now, just a short registration process at Cryptorush separates you from an exciting crypto Mines gameplay. Fill out the registration form and you are nearly there!

A person checking Cyrptorush casino from a laptop. Step 3

Make Your First Deposit

For you to enjoy real money gameplay in Mines, you need to deposit funds with crypto into your new account. Choose one of the payment methods in the Cashier section and enter the deposit amount.

A person browsing through Cyrptorush from a laptop. Step 4

Start Playing

An engaging gaming experience now beckons. Choose your preferred Mines game variant, select your bet size according to the specified limits and play!

Crypto Mines Games By Software Providers

Today’s crypto gambling world is highly saturated, which means that several top-notch game providers compete over who attracts more players with their engaging casino games. You might be surprised to hear this, but several prominent game development studios have crafted their own versions of the Mines casino game, but here, we will mention just the most popular ones.

Mines by Spribe

We start this list with a Mines variant by the ever-so-reliable provider of arcade games – Spribe. Mines by Spribe runs on the provably fair technology and has an RTP of 97%. The design of this title could not be any more straightforward – blue dominates the background with the “minefield” consisting of tiles under which you will either uncover star multipliers or mines.

You can configure the number of mines on the field, which will determine the difficulty level and of course, the payout. With each star you open, your winnings will increase, and you can cash out after each successful guess and take home your prize.

Moreover, crypto casino players at a Spribe casino can use the autoplay option where you can customize various settings:

  • Number of auto rounds – up to 500;
  • Stop the game and cash out if your real money balance decreases to a certain amount;
  • Stop the round if your single win exceeds a certain sum.

Of course, this is a game that you can access on any device thanks to the HTML5 technology the provider used.

Minesweeper by BGaming

The exact name of this game is Minesweeper, and it surely stands out in BGaming’s amazing portfolio of slots and table games. It is a game that we highly recommend you try out at any BGaming casino if you feel a bit nostalgic about the classic Minesweeper title from your old PC!

As you would expect, the gameplay here is very simple – there are no reels and no cards – just a green field that covers bombs or win multipliers. Each step you make will either lead to an explosion or a field with a red flag.

Your job is to navigate through the field one step at a time, avoid the hidden bombs and multiply your winnings with each safe stride. If you fail, get ready for a loud BOOM sound and light smoke rising from the spot you activated the bomb, so you better stay out of those sections!

Players can choose between different field sizes:

  • 2×3
  • 3×6
  • 4×9
  • 5×12
  • 6×15

To begin playing, just select your bet size and hit the Start button. Step by step, you can uncover red flags, and after each one, you can collect your wins or continue for potentially greater payouts.

Turbo Games Mines

Turbo Games has released its own version of the Mines game that follows the same concept as the previous providers, with just a few differences. Here, your job will be to uncover diamond symbols on the field while avoiding the mines.

Each diamond symbol you uncover will see your win amount increase, and of course – you can cash out after each successful guess.

Upon loading Mines by Turbo Games at a crypto casino, you will be presented with the option of the mobile or desktop version. Both versions are perfectly optimized for their respective devices.

After you set how many mines you want in the game, just hit the Start Playing button and start unearthing – either a diamond or a mine!

Finally, this is a game that has a pretty wide betting range at any Turbo Games casino. The minimum bet you can make is just $0.1, and you can wager up to $100 per game round, which is sure to appeal to a wide range of crypto players!

Bonuses for Mines Games

One of the greatest perks that come with gambling at crypto mines casinos is the range of attractive bonuses that will inevitably come your way. By using the right bonus, you can significantly boost your bankroll when playing Mines, so here are just a few promotional offers that you will be eligible to claim:

  • Welcome Bonuses – A generous welcome bonus awaits you from the moment you register at a crypto casino and make your first deposit. Mines games are never excluded from such promotions, so you can kick start your gambling endeavor with a deposit match bonus that can help you win money early on!
  • Reload Bonuses – Reload bonuses are quite similar to welcome deposit match bonuses, but they are more personalized for experienced players. Such offers usually contain lower wagering requirements, so if you are an avid Mines player, you will surely love these deals!
  • Cashbacks – Mines is purely a game of chance, so it would be natural for you to endure some bad spells of luck. When that happens, you will be happy to know that the best casinos will allow you to amortize some of your losses with a nice cashback incentive.

These offers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Mines crypto bonus packages. Nevertheless, to ensure that you claim the right promotion that will match your gambling style and budget, always read the T&Cs. They contain valuable information such as wagering requirements, bonus duration, possible country restrictions, etc.

Mines Gambling Strategies

All Mines games we mentioned above run on the Provably Fair mechanism, so there is not really a comprehensive strategy you can use to enhance your wins. However, some simple tips can at least boost the odds a bit in your favor, so here are a few suggestions you can implement to play Mines more systematically:

  • Alternate the Number of Bombs per Round – This is a tip that will echo differently to players. Some players prefer a safe gambling adventure, so they will set a low number of bombs, while high-rollers will take more risks with several bombs. Regardless of the type of player you are, it won’t hurt to try something new from time to time, so make sure to change the number of bombs!
  • Automate the Process – Just as is the case with all crypto slots, Mines games allow players to configure the autoplay settings and set some loss limits. This will give you much better control over your spending.
  • Play for Free – A great way to complement your knowledge of Mines is to play the game in demo mode. You can even test out some strategies while you are at it!
  • Control Your Budget – Spending within your budget frame goes a long way in ensuring you enjoy a flawless and fun Mines gambling adventure. Never chase losses and don’t bet with money you simply don’t have. After all, Mines is just meant to fill out your pastime, nothing more.

If your budget allows, you can even try out some common betting strategies like the Martingale betting system, but this is more suited for avid high-rollers who can afford to spend big chunks of money when they play Mines.

Don't Blow up and Secure Large Payouts in the Mines Casino Game

We can confidently say that Mines is a casino game that we thoroughly love! This is a game that is appealing to both novices and experienced bettors, which is the ideal recipe for a successful title.

All well-established game providers in the crypto gambling scene have developed their own take on the Mines game, so there is plenty of versatility for Cryptorush registered users.

Now that you are armed with all this Mines knowledge, do you feel ready to step into the minefield and avoid all the bombs on the way? If so, make sure to sign up at Cryptorush, deposit with your preferred cryptocurrency and make your pick from several Mines game variants!


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