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Jun 26, 2024
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One of the reasons why casino gamers are fond of playing Keno is because the variant itself has very simple gameplay. The simplicity and the fast gameplay bring forth tons of excitement. When you combine it with the fact that you can use cryptocurrencies to play it for real money, you get a winning recipe. To help you get more familiar with the crypto Keno game, we prepared this expert guide, so let’s have a look at the details.

What Is Crypto Keno?

Crypto Keno is a featured game at the Cryptorush online casino. As the name itself suggests, you play it for real money via crypto casino deposits. The rules of this variant are very simple. There are 80 featured numbers and your goal is to select up to 20, depending on the variant.

Once you make your pick, the round starts, and the Bitcoin Keno casino will pull out random numbers. If your guesses are correct, you will receive the corresponding reward.

Crypto Keno with numbered Keno balls in the background.

How Do Bitcoin Keno Casinos Work?

When you play Keno with crypto, you need to enjoy maximum security and a fair gaming environment. Operators ensure a fair gaming environment through the use of provably fair games. This is a concept that guarantees that every betting outcome in crypto keno, and all other casino games for that matter, is random.

What’s even better is that players can actually check if the outcome was truly fair. You just need to copy the hash rate and go to a hash rate generator site. If the generated hash rate is identical to that of the Bitcoin casino, then the outcome is truly random.

In terms of betting, all crypto keno games have a minimum bet and a maximum bet limit. Usually, the bet increases depending on the amount of numbers that you choose on your ticket.

Crypto Keno vs Fiat Keno

Crypto online casinos only allow deposits via the said currencies. That’s the only option when it comes to playing keno. Fiat keno means that you can use standard payment methods (cards, e-wallets, prepaid vouchers, etc.) to play the game for real money. So, what’s the difference between the two options?

Crypto Keno
Provably fair allows to check game randomness
Crypto allows higher bet limits
Faster winning withdrawals
Cryptocurrencies aren’t as popular as fiat payment methods
Depositing money to play crypto keno is a bit complicated
Fiat Keno
RNGs don’t allow you to check the game randomness
Bet limits are lower than average
Withdrawing winnings may take up to 5 business days
Fiat keno is far more common at online casinos
Depositing money to play fiat keno is simple and straightforward

How to Play Bitcoin Keno

Various cyrpto coins on top of a mobile device. Step 1

Purchase Crypto

First, purchase crypto by creating an account at an exchange. Pick a cryptocurrency that’s featured on Cryptorush and meets your personal preferences.

A person checking Cyrptorush casino from a laptop. Step 2

Create a Cryptorush Account

Visit the official website of the Cryptorush casino and click on the register button. Fill in the required details, confirm that you’re over 18 and accept the T&Cs.

A person browsing through Cyrptorush from a laptop. Step 3

Deposit Money

Copy the wallet address of Cryptorush and visit your crypto exchange. Select the crypto that you want to transfer, enter the amount and paste the wallet address.

A person writing their personal information on Cryptorush website while signing up. Step 4

Play Crypto Keno

As soon as you create a casino account and make your deposit, you can search for crypto keno. Access the game, set your bet, choose your numbers and wait for the outcome.

Bitcoin Keno Bonuses

The beauty of playing at Keno crypto casinos is that you’ll also be able to claim several types of Bitcoin casino bonus offers. They can enhance your overall experience and add a bit of thrill to each betting round. There are both deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses up for grabs. Their specifics vary between online gambling sites.

Welcome Bonus

The first and most popular type of bonus that you’ll find at Bitcoin keno sites is the welcome offer. This is a first deposit promo. As the name itself suggests, you need to make your first crypto deposit with your preferred payment method at the operator to claim it. In most cases, the site will match your deposit and give you extra funds to play crypto keno.

No Deposit Bonus

A Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus means that you don’t have to make cryptocurrency transactions to claim the offers. There are two types of no deposit bonuses that apply to every keno game:

  • Bonus money
  • Cashback

Bitcoin casinos usually transfer bonus money after you register an account and before making your first deposit. You can also receive bonus money when you level up in the loyalty program of crypto gambling sites.

As for cashback bonuses, they redeem some of your lost amounts while playing keno with crypto. Other table games may also qualify for this bonus. In most cases, cashback offers are handed out weekly. Daily and monthly cashbacks are also available.

Promo Codes

The best crypto keno sites may give you access to special bonuses via a crypto casino promo code. All you have to do is use the code when claiming the bonus. Promo codes apply to both deposit and no deposit bonuses. The rewards depend on the policies of online casinos.

VIP Rewards

Loyalty programs are a common feature at the best crypto casino sites. They provide keno gamers with special and generous bonuses. To participate in the program, you need to collect complimentary points. You do that by playing keno for real money. Depending on your status, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Higher withdrawal limits
  • Special deposit bonuses
  • Bonus money
  • Higher cashback percentages
  • Access to VIP tournaments
  • Fast payouts
  • Exclusive access to new gambling games

Crypto casinos with VIP programs may also provide you with real-life rewards, such as paid vacations and tickets to VIP parties.

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Crypto Keno Pros & Cons

All popular casino games face certain advantages and disadvantages. Standard and live keno games with cryptocurrencies aren’t excluded from this. If you want to get familiar with keno, you ought to know both sides of the story. As you’re about to see, playing at Bitcoin keno sites has more advantages than disadvantages, but it’s worth being aware of them.

Maximum payout can be high
Provably fair ensures a healthy and safe gaming experience
The rules of crypto keno are very simple to learn
Available on both desktop and mobile devices
Betting limits may change depending on the variant

Expert Tips to Boost Your Keno Experience

Considering the fact that keno is a game of chance, there aren’t any strategies that you can use to maximize your chances of guessing the winning numbers. However, we can provide you with a few tips that can boost your experience and allow you to enjoy keno even more.

  • Keep Track of Your Budget: Whenever you play crypto keno, you must remember to play responsibly. So, keep track of your budget and the time you spend during your session.
  • Use Bonuses to Your Advantage: Many bonuses at the best Bitcoin casino sites apply to keno. Use them, as they can lower the cost of playing while also increasing your potential winnings. Make sure that the bonus terms are easy to meet, though.
  • Choose Keno Games with Low House Edge: The lower the house edge is, the higher your returns will be. Keno variants can have an RTP of as much as 97%, so make sure that you search for those percentages.
  • Check the Randomness: Even though the numbers are drawn randomly, there’s no harm in double-checking. So, take a look at the hash rate and check every once in a while.
  • Try Playing in Demo Mode: Different keno games have different rules. Accessing the demo versions (if they’re available) is a good way to get familiar with the rules without hurting your real money balance.

Commonly Used Cryptocurrency Keno Terms

Once casino players start playing keno, they will have to get familiar with the slang of this game. There are quite a few terms that you should know when enjoying this variant. Luckily, they are simple and easy to learn.

  • Keno Spots: Slang for the location of winning keno numbers.
  • Keno Card: A digital card that has all the numbers (1-80). This is where you can choose the numbers that you think the casino will generate.
  • Bankroll: Your current available real money amount that you can use to play keno and other casino games.
  • Blank: A keno ticket that is to be played in the next round.
  • Deuce: Two spots grouped by casino players.
  • Draw: Full set of numbers chosen by players. The full set can have 10, 15 or 20 numbers, depending on the keno variant.
  • Exacta: A keno ticket that you can use on two betting rounds.
  • High Roller Ticket: Often used by high rollers/loyal players, this is a ticket whose betting limits are higher than average.
  • House Edge: The percentage of funds that online gambling sites keep over time. It’s based on every $100 wagered over a long period.
  • RTP: A short term for Return to Player. It signifies the amount that you receive over time. If the RTP is 96%, that means that you receive $96 for every $100 that you wager over a longer period.

Background of numbered Keno balls with various Keno game terms overlaid.

Other Crypto Casino Games

Keno variants aren’t the only popular games that you can play at crypto casinos for real money after making the required minimum deposit. There are other wagering options at your disposal. Some sites may have a sports betting platform that you can use with the same account. But since this section is focused on alternative games, here are a few common picks.

  • Bitcoin Plinko: A game of chance that features a pyramidal layout. A ball starts going down and your goal is to wager on the field where you think the ball will drop.
  • Bitcoin Mines: Features a field with various boxes. As you uncover the fields, you are presented with numbers. They indicate where the bombs are located. The goal is to reveal all fields without landing on a bomb.
  • Crypto Crash Games: Games that start with a certain object moving forward or up. The higher the object goes, the higher the multiplier becomes. Your goal is to collect the multiplier before a crash occurs.
  • Bitcoin Dice Games: These games originate from Ancient China and your goal is to bet on the sum of the dice that’s being thrown. Craps is the most popular dice game.

Crypto Keno Brings Maximum Entertainment and Security

Playing online casino keno with crypto will provide you with a unique experience. Not only will you enjoy instant deposits, but you can also verify whether each betting round is random. This feature enhances your security.

Not only that, but you can use various bonuses and promotions at Cryptorush. They are easy to claim and applicable to this lottery style game. If you want to claim these rewards and play keno for real money, you just need to sign up.

Registering at Cryptorush will take just a minute of your time. So, create an account, choose your preferred cryptocurrency and venture on a unique crypto gaming journey with our keno games.


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