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May 2, 2024
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1st Jan 2021

Game shows are among the most played live casino games on the market, which also includes the Cash or Crash game by Evolution Gaming. It’s a title that offers you a chance to climb up a ladder and win big prizes. This is such a popular game that you can easily find at any reputable online casino.

Continue reading our Cash or Crash review to find out much more about this live game. Below we’ll provide a how-to-play guide as well as cover the most important Cash or Crash features.

How to Play Cash or Crash?

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Access Cash or Crash

To play Cash or Crash, start off by registering an account at a top online casino that offers this game. Then, go to the Live section of the game library and look for this unique live game show title.

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Choose a Stake and Begin Your Gaming Journey

Once you access Cash or Crash, continue by choosing a suitable bet amount. After the betting period is over, the game will start drawing balls that can be green, red, or gold.

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Get up the Ladder by Getting a Green Ball

If the machine draws a green ball, then you will get a chance to claim the winnings, take half, or continue playing. Getting a red ball means losing the round, while getting a golden ball gives you an extra life.

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Cash-out Your Winnings

After each green ball, you can decide to cash out your money. However, the huge potential winnings come after you reach the higher steps up the ladder. Choosing to take half allows you to remain in the game with half the money.

About Cash or Crash

Cash or Crash is a live casino game show developed and provided by Evolution Gaming. It’s a type of game where you can advance up a 20-step ladder after a winning bet. The higher you go, the bigger potential payouts you’ll get.

There is a live game show host that runs every round and makes the immersive journey much more interesting. In each Cash or Crash round, you’ll get 10 seconds to place your bets. The actual mechanic of this game is a bingo machine that draws three types of balls, green, red, and golden. There are a total of 28 balls, 19 of which are green, 8 are red, and only one is golden.

If the drawn ball is green, then you will go one step up the ladder. A red ball will make you lose the game and with that, all of your winnings thus far. However, if the machine draws a golden ball, then you have an extra life in case you get a red ball in the future.

Keep in mind that the risk increases with every new round you decide to play after getting a green ball. This is because the machine pulls away the drawn balls, which leaves fewer green balls to draw. So, you’ll have greater odds of winning at the beginning than later in the game.

Cash or Crash Algorithm

As a live game, this title doesn’t use any RNGs to determine an outcome. Instead, everything occurs as a result of the bingo machine that draws the balls. Players get to see how the machine draws the balls through the live stream, assuring that the game is fair and random.

At any point during the round, the bingo drums stop whirling the balls. After that, a rising tube will present the ball that lands above it. It works exactly as a lottery game would. This means that Evolution cannot manipulate the end results.

Cash or Crash Pros and Cons

Cash or Crash comes with certain advantages and disadvantages, just like all other casino games on the market. Below, we’ll list the most important pros and cons that you must know about Cash or Crash.

Unique and highly exciting gameplay
Win up to 50,000x the stake
Has an RTP rate of 99.59%
Pretty fast gameplay
Optimized for mobile use
You can end up losing all the money you generated during a single round
No significant bonus features

Cash or Crash Casino Game Features

Cash or Crash is a fun and simple game that comes with only a few distinctive features. Below, we’ll list and describe every single one of them.

Golden Ball Bonus Round

Apart from the green and red balls, the machine can also draw a golden ball. The entertainment increases when you get this ball, as it shields you from the next red ball.

In other words, it postpones the crash period, giving you a chance to cash out before losing it all. We must also mention that the payouts increase when you break the shield provided by this unique ball.

Playing Options

After getting a green ball, you’ll have 3 options to choose from. You can select to continue with your initial bet and winnings and hope to draw another green ball.

If you select the “Take All” option, then you’ll cash out the wins you generated during the round. Lastly, selecting the “Take Half” option allows you to withdraw 50% and continue playing with the other 50%.

Cash or Crash RTP, Volatility, Max Win

The RTP rate of Cash or Crash can go up to 99.59% if you use an optimal strategy. This is one of the highest RTPs in the iGaming industry, which makes this unique live game show super attractive.

This live casino title also features high volatility, which means higher payouts but less frequently. To secure bigger winnings, you must reach the higher steps that come with increased risk.

Evolution has set the highest possible win in Cash or Crash at 50,000x the stake. To reach this big multiplier, you must break the shield and go to the top of the ladder. If you reach the 20th step without breaking the shield, then you’ll get 18,000x the stake.

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Tips & Tricks for Cash or Crash

Before you begin playing Cash or Crash with real money, make sure to read our useful tips and tricks.

  • Don’t go after the much bigger steps, as the risk increases drastically,
  • If you like to play Cash or Crash without risking too much, then you can cash out after getting the first green ball,
  • Use the “Take Half” option whenever you feel like you want to gamble a bit more but without losing everything you won,
  • Choose a bankroll before the start and make sure not to go over it.

Cash or Crash Play with Crypto and Bitcoin

You are free to enjoy Cash or Crash with cryptocurrencies at top online casinos such as Crypotrush. These gaming sites allow you to select from multiple different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

Playing Crypto Crash Games with crypto allows you to place wagers anonymously. Also, these payment methods provide instant payouts, which is what any casino player wants. All of this is possible at Cryptorush, where you can start your gaming journey on Cash or Crash today.


Cash or Crash is a thrilling and highly entertaining live game show that offers some very large potential payouts. It’s a live casino title from Evolution Gaming, which is a respected game provider in the iGaming industry.

This title comes with simple gameplay that even beginners can understand in a matter of minutes. The high RTP rate gives you a good chance of making a profit, but you still need to be careful. You can still lose everything you’ve won during the round if you get a single red ball.


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