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May 10, 2024
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Crypto sic bo brings an innovative twist to the ancient game of dice, combining the thrill of quick outcomes with the benefits of cryptocurrency betting. This exciting adaptation allows players to experience the randomness and fun of traditional sic bo in a modern, digital format. Read on to explore the best places to play crypto sic bo, learn strategies, and understand the odds to enhance your gaming sessions.

Crypto Sic Bo Overview

Sic bo is one of the classic table games that you can find at almost all reputable online casinos. It’s a very simple game to play as it features some easy-to-remember rules. When you start playing sic bo, all you need to do is choose a bet and wait for three dice to decide if you win or not.

This game of chance originates from ancient China, but there are some variants that have an English and US origin. Before the appearance of online casinos, players would only play this game at land-based casinos.
It was the Chinese immigrants that brought sic bo into the US casinos at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, the game’s popularity started spreading all around the world.

Today, with the help of the Internet and cryptocurrencies, you are now able to play sic bo at Bitcoin casinos. You are even capable of enjoying sic bo live dealer games at these online gaming sites.

How to Play Crypto Sic Bo

A person writing their personal information on Cryptorush website while signing up. Step 1

Join Cryptorush and Deposit Some Funds

Begin by locating and creating an account at Cryptorush. Then, access the cashier section and deposit your crypto.

A person checking Cyrptorush casino from a laptop. Step 2

Access a Sic Bo Game and Choose a Stake

To begin playing sic bo, you must choose a title from the casino’s game library. Once you enter the game, continue by choosing a suitable bet amount.

A person browsing through Cyrptorush from a laptop. Step 3

Choose a Type of Bet

Now, in a game of sic bo, you have a chance to choose from a variety of betting options. Choose one or multiple bets that you like.

Various cyrpto coins on top of a mobile device. Step 4

Wait for the Dice to Land

The dealer will begin the round by shaking three dice. If the outcome of the dice roll suits your sic bo betting choices, then you’ll win a payout.

Sic Bo Bets and Payouts

There are several types of bets that you can use while playing sic bo at an online casino. Each betting option comes with a different payout and probability of winning. But, the best thing about Bitcoin sic bo is the fact that you can place multiple bets within a single round.

In the table below, we will reveal the betting types of this game and their featured payouts.

Betting Option Payout Probability
Small 1/1 48.61%
Big 1/1 48.61%
Odd 1/1 48.61%
Even 1/1 48.61%
Specific Doubles 10/1 7.41%
Specific Triples 180/1 0.46%
Any Triple 30/1 2.8%
Three Dice Total 6/1 – 60/1 1.4% - 12.5%
Singe Dice Bet 1/1 – 3/1 0.46% - 34.72%
Dice Combinations 6/1 13.9%
Three Single Number Combination 30/1 2.8%
Four Number Combination 7/1 11.1%
Specific Double and Single Number Combination 50/1 1.4%

Graphics and Theme

The graphics on the RNG sic bo games are pretty good, especially on the titles from the most reputable software providers. They tend to include 2D objects and symbols to make the gaming much more interesting.
However, the sic bo titles that feature the best graphics are of course the ones featured at the live casinos. In these sic bo variants, you get to enjoy the live action in HD. The live stream and the live dealer will make you feel like you’re wagering at a land-based casino.

Sic bo comes with a dice theme, as the rules of this game are all about the three dice. Yet, some software providers may include certain Asian features, giving the title much better visuals.

Low-Paying/ High-Paying Symbols

As a dice table game, crypto sic bo doesn’t come with symbols such as the ones on the online slots. This game features 52 betting positions and it’s up to you to decide which one to use. You can even place bets on multiple betting types during a single round.

In a game of sic bo, the lowest-paying symbols are the numbers from one to six. As you know, these are the symbols that feature on each side of the dice. Big/small and even/odd bets are also among the lowest-paying bets. All of these symbols pay 1/1.

The highest-paying symbols in sic bo are the specific triple symbols, which pay 180/1. Symbols that represent a specific double and single number combination pay 50/1.

Another high-paying symbol is the three single number combination, which pays 30/1. The three-dice total symbols can also reward prizes that go up to 60/1. Keep in mind that each sic bo variant comes with a different paytable. This means that the payouts may vary from one game to another.

Regular Sic Bo vs Crypto Sic Bo

As we’ve established, you can enjoy this fun game at regular online casinos or at the trending crypto casinos. You might think that there are no significant differences between the two types of games, but that’s not the case.

The gaming experience is somewhat different when you enjoy sic bo at a Bitcoin casino. To make things clearer for you, we’ve decided to put both types of casino games head-to-head. You can see the end result in the table below.

Regular Sic Bo
You must reveal banking information to play regular sic bo
Wait up to several days to cash out the sic bo winnings
Use bonus funds to play the regular Sic Bo games
Almost every online casino offers at least one Sic Bo game
Many licensed online casinos offer sic bo titles
Crypto Sic Bo
Play Sic Bo anonymously using cryptocurrency
Withdraw your crypto Sic Bo winnings instantly
Claim special crypto casino bonuses for the Sic Bo games
All reputable crypto casinos have sic bo titles in their game libraries
Hard to find a reliable and licensed crypto casino where you can play Sic Bo

Tips to Win in Sic Bo Casino

Playing this casino game can be tricky at first, but once you learn the basics it all becomes much easier. However, beginners might struggle to cope with the game and its rules during their first rounds. Even players that don’t play this easy game often might struggle from time to time.

It sure is one of the table games that requires patience and a lot of practice, despite the simple rules and gameplay. If you don’t have much experience playing sic bo, then there are some things that you must know. Make sure to read our useful tips before you start playing with real money:

  • Set a budget before you access the game and stick to it throughout your entire gaming session.
  • Practice playing the game in demo mode before you start spending your own money.
  • Learn the rules thoroughly and avoid placing multiple bets until you gain some experience.
  • Apply responsible gaming in your style of playing and don’t go after your losses.
  • Begin with the simple bets as they offer the best probability of winning.
  • Don’t place bets that cancel each other as you may end up losing money.
  • Apply for a crypto deposit bonus and use the extra funds to learn how to play.
  • Always play at a Bitcoin casino that owns a valid gaming license.

Crypto Sic Bo vs Crypto Craps

Apart from crypto sic bo, players are also wagering on another casino dice game called Crypto Craps. Both games have certain similarities, but they differ in their rules and gameplay. In the table below, we will reveal its key features and it’s up to you to decide which one is better.

Cypto Sic Bo
Uses three dice and has multiple betting options
The house edge on sic bo ranges between 2.78% and 18.98%
Simple gameplay where you win a payout after a winning bet
Sic bo games are available at almost every crypto casino
Crypto sic bo relies more on luck and a betting strategy won’t help you most of the time
Crypto Craps
Two dice are in play and you get to choose from several types of bets
Craps has a house edge of between 1.36% and 16.67%
Your bets on Craps may apply on several rolls in a row to determine the outcome of your wager
Many crypto casinos don’t offer Craps titles
You can try out a betting strategy to increase your winning chances on crypto Craps

Final Thoughts on the Top Crypto Sic Bo Games

Enjoying sic bo at a Crypto Dice Casino is one of the best ways to play such a fun table game. It comes with simple rules and very interesting gameplay that can keep you entertained for a long period of time. As a game of chance, you cannot predict what will happen, which increases the overall enjoyment.

As one of the most popular table games on the market, every reputable crypto casino made sure to include sic bo in its library. One such gaming platform is Cryptorush, where you can choose from multiple sic bo titles.

You are free to try out the crypto games for free, with real money, or with bonus funds. Also, you can choose to play RNG sic bo titles as well as live casino variants.


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