Auto Roulette Game Review

May 31, 2024
7 mins read

Are you ready to speed up your roulette online gambling endeavor? if so, then the automated wheel of Auto Roulette by Evolution Gaming is just what you are looking for! HD graphics, fast gameplay and the ultimate fun are guaranteed with Auto Roulette, so let’s take a look at what this game brings!

How to Play Auto Roulette

Various cyrpto coins on top of a mobile device. Step 1

Purchase Crypto Assets

Spinning the roulette wheel is about to get more exciting if you deposit and withdraw with cryptocurrencies. Buy your preferred crypto and get ready for an amazing live casino experience.

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Sign Up at Cryptorush

As a world-class crypto-friendly casino, Cryptorush is home to the best live dealer games – including Auto Roulette. So, complete the short sign-up process and you are nearly there!

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Choose a Payment Method & Deposit

Before you play this live roulette variant, you need to top up your account. Head to the Cashier section, choose from the list of payment methods and make your first deposit.

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Place Bets & Play

As one would expect, you can place a wide range of bets in Auto Roulette, so select your bet size and start spinning the wheel!

Auto Roulette Pros and Cons

It is impossible for game providers to craft a live dealer game that would tick all boxes and be the perfect choice for crypto casino players. As such, Auto Roulette is a game that will cater to the vast majority of punters, but it also comes with some small drawbacks.

HD gameplay
Fast-paced action
Available as European, French and American Auto Roulette
Mobile optimized
No live dealer
No additional features

Auto Roulette Odds and Payouts

One of the best features to note about Auto Roulette is that it is a game that is available as American, French and European Roulette, so you will have a plethora of betting options to choose from.

European Roulette is arguably the most popular variant of them all, and it contains 37 pockets, numbered 0-36, adding to an overall house edge of 2.7%.

Auto Roulette has unlimited betting potential, and wide bet table limits, which will surely be appealing to all types of crypto punters – regardless of their wallet size. Moreover, the RTP is quite solid, standing at 97.3%.

All Auto Roulette bets can be grouped into two main categories – inside and outside bets. These names come from the layout of the betting table layout where you place your chips. Please refer to the table below for the exact payouts – but note that these payouts and odds are for the European Auto Roulette variant.

Outside Bets:

Bet Type Payout Odds
Red/black 1:1 48.65%
Odd/even 1:1 48.65%
High/low 1:1 48.65%
Column 2:1 32.4%
Dozen 2:1 32.4%

Inside Bets:

Bet Type Payout Odds
Straight Bet 35:1 2.7%
Split Bet 17:1 5.4%
Street Bet 11:1 8.1%
Corner Bet 8:1 10.8%
Six Line Bet 5:1 16.20%

Auto Roulette Bonus Features

Auto Roulette does not possess additional game features, but given the fast-paced nature of this amazing title, you don’t even need them!

This is a game that is available as both mainstream and VIP table, so regardless of your experience level and wallet size, you are sure to find a table to match your preferences.

As mentioned briefly above, Auto Roulette is not led by a live dealer. Instead, the game is run by an advanced and fully automated roulette wheel that can produce up to 80 games per hour. The fun lasts nonstop, so you can take a seat at an Auto Roulette table at any part of the day.

Speed Auto Roulette vs Auto Roulette

Evolution Gaming has released an even faster roulette game than Auto Roulette called Speed Auto Roulette. It is also one of the most appealing live casino titles you can find at crypto casinos, but which one is actually better? Here is how both games compare against each other, so take a look and determine which one you like better.

Auto Roulette
No live dealer
Fast-paced gameplay
Wide betting range
Available as European, American and French Roulette
Speed Auto Roulette
No live dealer
Extremely fast gameplay
Bet sizes to accommodate all players
Optimized for mobile devices
Available as European Roulette

Tips to Win in Auto Roulette

Auto Roulette’s fast gameplay is sure to be appealing to you, but don’t forget that there are some additional tips and strategies you can implement in your gameplay. For you to enjoy Auto Roulette even more, here is what we suggest:

  • Learn the Rules and Bet Types – Since Auto Roulette is available in French, American and European Roulette, we suggest you choose your table wisely and learn all its basics before playing. Different roulette games have different payout structures and odds.
  • Start with Outside Bets – Outside bets give you a better chance of landing a win, even though the size of the payout will not be jaw-dropping. There is nothing wrong with ambitious wagers like a Straight-Up bet from time to time, but we advise you to start small and build your way up.
  • Use Crypto Bonuses – If there is one thing crypto casinos stand out the most, it’s their bonus structure. Such sites tend to offer hefty bonuses for new and existing players for Auto Roulette, so claiming them might not be the worst idea!
  • Use a Strategy – The roulette game allows you to utilize several strategies to enhance your gameplay. Martingale, Reverse Martingale, Fibonacci, D’Alembert, and so on – the list of strategies is never-ending, so choose one according to your wallet and enjoy the game.
  • Set a Budget – Live roulette is supposed to be just a fun pastime activity, and you can make sure it stays that way by setting a budget and never stepping out of its frames. Responsible gambling is the cornerstone of any online casino experience.

Remember, these tips and roulette strategies don’t guarantee you profits. These are just some general guidelines you can use to at least boost the odds of winning in your favor.

Auto Roulette logo overlaying a vibrant image of a roulette wheel with the ball in motion.

Play Auto Roulette With Crypto

Cryptocurrencies have changed the way we perceive online gambling – for the better! Therefore, why not jump on the digital assets wagon and play crypto roulette now?

You will still get to enjoy all the benefits the game brings, with a little bit extra: fast payouts, anonymous gameplay and low transaction fees.

These perks are available at Cryptorush, the best crypto casino in the world! All you have to do is complete the short, no-KYC sign-up process at Cryptorush and find Auto Roulette in the game library!

Auto Roulette Mobile Experience

Evolution Gaming makes sure to adapt to all trends in the iGaming world, so it makes sure to use HTML5 technology to create its stunning live dealer games. As such, Auto Roulette is fully available on all mobile devices, with the user interface intact and guaranteeing an immersive gaming experience.

Enjoy the Speed and Thrills of Auto Roulette

So, if you want a bit of a change in scenery from traditional roulette games with slower gameplay, this is the place to be!! Auto Roulette by Evolution Gaming ticks many boxes for a world-class game and it is now available for crypto gameplay exclusively at Cryptorush!

Thrills are guaranteed, so if you think you have what it takes to endure the fast-paced gameplay of Auto Roulette, go ahead – select your bet size and spin the wheel now!


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