Clover Craze Online Slot Review

Jun 25, 2024
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4th Jan 2024

Clover Craze gameplay takes players down memory lane. This fruit-themed slot is similar to the old fruit machines in red-brick casinos. However, you get to enjoy this one in the 3D version. On top of its glittering designs, the Clover Craze slot comprises many bonus features. It has a ridiculously high maximum win amount and supports autoplay and the buy feature. The slot’s high volatility thus stipulates that it is best suited for risk-takers and not casuals.

How to Play Clover Craze?

Various cyrpto coins on top of a mobile device. Step 1

Buy Crypto Coins

Look up the cryptocurrency wallets available to you in your location. Vet them for security and register on one of them. Purchase any cryptocurrency you choose and secure it in your wallet.

A person checking Cyrptorush casino from a laptop. Step 2

Become a Cryptorush Player

Go to the Cryptorush gambling website. Register as a new player by filling out the registration form. Verify your identity by submitting specific documents.

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Transfer Cryptocurrency

Proceed to the payment section and select cryptocurrency for deposits. Copy the wallet address or scan the QR code. Go to your wallet and transfer cryptocurrency to your casino account.

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Time for Clover Craze

Look for Clover Craze using the search option. Click the play icon to spin the Clover Craze slot for real money. You can click ‘demo’ to play for real money.

Clover Craze Symbols and Paytable

The Clover Craze slot comprises several fruit symbols and some others. The high-paying symbols include Seven and Bell. The others are Grape, Watermelon, Lemon, Orange, Plum, and Cherry. In addition, there are the two infamous Clover symbols which are golden and green four leaf clovers.

There are Golden and Green Clovers. They both represent the Wild symbol in Clover Craze. The Golden Clover is superior. However, it must land on 3rd reel. If the Golden Clover lands elsewhere, it becomes the Green Clover.

These two Clover symbols substitute for all others to form winning combinations. These two icons, when landed in a combination, give win multipliers and respins. The table below shows the various Clover Crave slot symbols and their payout multipliers:

Symbols 2x 3x 4x 5x
Seven 0.5 2.5 12.5 150
Bell 2 5 25
Grape 1 2.5 12.5
Watermelon 1 2.5 12.5
Lemon 0.5 1.5 5
Orange 0.5 1.5 5
Plum 0.5 1.5 5
Cherry 0.5 1.5 5

Clover Craze RTP & Volatility

The Clover Craze slot has a Return-to-Player percentage of 93.2%. The base game RTP is considerably low, based on the standards of our experts. However, the RTP for the Buy Feature is 96.02%. However, the high volatility in this slot makes Clover Craze suitable for high-rollers and risk-takers. The combination of low RTP and high volatility makes Clover Craze unsuitable for casual players.

Clover Craze Bonus Features

The Clover Craze slot comprises several bonus symbols and features. For example, when landing on the right reels, the Clover Wild symbols trigger Clover features. Find out about these symbols and bonus features below:

  • Green Clover: This symbol substitutes for every paying symbol. It can only land on the middle reels, though – 2, 3, and 4. The Green Clover symbol clones entire reel if a winning combination is possible.
  • Golden Clover: This symbol triggers the Golden Clover features when it lands on reel 3. If the Golden Clover lands on another reel other than 3, it becomes a Green Clover.
  • Golden Clover x3: A Golden Clover in the middle of reel 3 merges with a Green Clover on an adjacent reel. These two symbols will combine to form a Big Golden Clover that is 2×3 in size. This feature comes with a triple win multiplier.
  • Golden Clover x7: A Golden Clover in the middle position of reel 3 and two Green Clovers on both adjacent reels trigger this feature. There will be a merge to form a Huge Golden Clover that is 3×3 in size, giving a sevenfold win multiplier.
  • Golden Clover Cash Respins: A Seven or Bell adjacent to a Golden Clover in reel 3’s middle triggers this feature. You will automatically get Cash Respins. The respin feature then leads to stake multipliers, depending on the symbol that started the respin feature.
  • Golden X Clover: A Golden Clover will clone itself if there are no symbols on the adjacent reels. The clones will be in the top positions of reels 2 and 4 to form an X shape.
  • Buy Feature: All Clover features can be purchased with real money directly from the in-game menu, with the exception of Golden Clover Cash Respins and Golden X Clover.

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Clover Craze Pros and Cons

The Clover Craze slot has its merits and demerits; they include the following:

Nostalgic, old-school theme
Multipliers and respins
21000x max win
Scintillating gameplay and 3D graphics
Low return percentage
Limited wager amount

Clover Craze Mobile Experience

This slot game is fully mobile-optimized. So, you can play for real money or Bitcoin on your smartphone. The pastime is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. The same features on the desktop version persist for mobile users.

Clover Craze – Play with Crypto and Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has become popular in the gambling industry and the world at large. Everyone is leveraging Blockchain technology for its speed, anonymity, and transparency. Bitcoin will make gambling relatively safer.

You can trust the Cryptorush Casino to facilitate a great gambling experience. You can play Clover Craze on this gambling site with Bitcoin. You must register, deposit, and start playing the best Bitcoin slots. Visit Cryptorush today to get started!

Get Golden Clovers and Earn Golden Winnings

Red Tiger Gaming incorporated 3D features into this game. The provider thus created a new order of slot machines. Clover Craze has many impressive bonus features. The mobile experience with this slot game is also decent.

Get your hands on Clover Craze at a Red Tiger Bitcoin casino like Cryptorush. This gambling website has several games belonging to the same provider, like Clover Craze. Visit the casino website, complete the registration form, and start playing on Cryptorush now!


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