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Jun 20, 2024
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1st Jun 2018

Jumanji is the result of a slot meets movie. NetEnt adopted the entire concept of the Jumanji movie in its gameplay. Even its soundtrack matches the beating drum play-along in the movie. Thus, you can expect this slot to be equally exciting and edgy.

We will take you through the components of this Jumanji slot in this review. Read along.

How to Play Jumanji

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Buy Cryptocurrency Tokens

Identify a crypto wallet service to register with. Create your wallet, then buy or transfer some crypto coins into it. Set up a pin-code for quick transfer of tokens.

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Sign Up at Cryptorush

Visit the official Cryptorush gambling website. On the homepage, click ‘Sign Up’, fill out the sign up form diligently, and submit it. Confirm if your registration is successful.

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Top Up Your Account

Access your new Cryptorush account using your email and passcode. Go to the Cashier section to top up your account. Scan the QR code or copy the wallet address to proceed.

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Experience Jumanji

It is time to leverage your crypto deposits when playing Jumanji. Play this slot to enjoy up to 96.33% in win returns. You can also play the demo version.

Jumanji Pros and Cons

The Jumanji gameplay is promising, and our experts discovered many of its remarkable properties. However, there remain certain areas in which NetEnt could improve the slot game. Check below for the merits and demerits of the Jumanji slot.

Decent RTP
Adventurous jungle theme
Four unique free spin features and mystery mode
Many bonus features
36 distinct paylines
Relatively low bet limits
Low max win

Jumanji Symbols and Paytable

NetEnt tried replicating the elements of the Jumanji movie in its game. The symbols in the Jumanji slot include four beasts of the jungle. It has the Lion, Rhino, Crocodile, and Pelican icons. In addition to these, there are also low-paying card symbols.

The golden icon that spells out ‘WILD’ is the Wild symbol. On the other hand, the Scatter is the Jumanji Board Game from the movie. Jumanji has five reels with 36 winlines. The minimum bet on this game is 0.1 euro. Check out the payouts of each symbol in this slot below:

Symbol 3x 4x 5x
Lion 0.6 2 14
Rhino 0.5 1.5 5
Crocodile 0.4 1 3
Pelican 0.3 0.8 2.5
A 0.2 0.4 1
K 0.2 0.4 0.9
Q 0.2 0.3 0.8
J 0.2 0.3 0.7

Jumanji RTP & Volatility

At 96.33%, the Jumanji slot stands to be very rewarding in comparison. Jumanji did cross our RTP benchmark for slots, which is 96%. This game’s low volatility makes it best for casual players. Course through the jungle and enjoy cashouts, however slight, frequently. Leveraging the Jumanji Board Game bonus features will also get you higher payouts.

Jumanji Bonus Features

In-game bonus features may come in handy to keep players playing for longer. There are several catchy benefits to the cup in the Jumanji slot. Check out the list and descriptions below.

  • Wild Symbol – It substitutes for all but Scatters.
  • Scatter Symbol – Three or more matching symbols falling on the reels trigger the bonus Board Game. The Jumanji Board Game allows for free spins.
  • Tokens – There are four aesthetic Tokens in this game. You often experience them through the Bonus Game feature. There are free spin features in the corners of the Board Game. If any Tokens land on a feature, a free spin feature activates immediately. You have to throw two six-sided dice to move Tokens on the board. The number of dice rolls you get per Scatters includes:
    • 3 Scatters – 6 dice rolls
    • 4 Scatters – 7 dice rolls
    • 5 scatters – 8 dice rolls
  • Sticky Vines – By activating this bonus, you will receive re-spins to boost your winnings. When the Sticky Vines feature is ongoing, any Wilds on the reels stick. The winning symbols stick, too. But then, the other icons go for any round of spins.
  • Monsoon Wilds – This bonus round leads to Wild symbols covering an entire reel. The Crocodile jumping frantically up-screen signifies its activation. One condition, though – covering just the fifth reel with Wilds is impossible. In this case, the Wilds have to fill up to two reels.
  • Monkey Mayhem – The reels will move randomly, mirroring the base game, to potentially provide wins. If this feature activates, a monkey hand will shuffle the reels for a guaranteed win according to the paytable once the shuffling stops.
  • Wild Stampede – You will see Rhinos stampeding the reels when this feature activates in the base game. Rhinos add four to nine Wilds to the reels. If any win combination forms, you will receive a payout according to the paytable.
  • Vines Free Spins – When this bonus feature is ongoing, vines hold down Wilds throughout. This way, they can form a part of a guaranteed winning combination. This feature gives you up to ten free spins, possibly multiple re-spins. These re-spins have the exact working mechanism as the Sticky Vines feature.
  • Monsoon Free Spins – This bonus comes with seven free spins features. These spins follow the same rules as the Monsoon Wilds feature. However, you can not have the same Wild-covered reel for two consecutive free spins.
  • Monkey Free Spins – You will receive six free spins upon activation. The free spins enable the Monkey Mayhem feature.
  • Stampede Free Spins – There are five free spins to receive here. The mechanics of the Wild Stampede feature apply to the free spins rounds.
  • Mystery Feature – This feature will activate when you land a Token on the Mystery Feature location. A carousel of free spins, Coin Wins with random multipliers, and two extra dice rolls await the player.
  • Coin Wins – Landing a Token on a Coin Win location activates the feature and a coin prize on the game board. The latter will be the multiple of your bet and the number in the Coin Win area.
  • Extra Rolls – A Token landing on an Extra Roll location awards extra dice rolls.

This game has several bonus components, including a variety of in-game Bitcoin free spins. Leverage these great bonus features for better wins, but understand their working mechanics first.

Jumanji Play with Crypto and Bitcoin

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End the Curse of Jumanji and Be Rewarded

Jumanji is one of the many successful NetEnt crypto slots. It differs significantly from its peers because its gameplay relies on the actual Jumanji movie. Remember, the reenactment of the Robin Williams original 1995-made Jumanji movie came out in 2017. Having been released a year later, players will relate more to the concept of the Jumanji movie.

We recommend that you enjoy this slot game on Cryptorush. But first, you need to register as a new player to play and win Bitcoin. Visit the official website today and do what is required.


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