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Jul 10, 2024
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25th Sep 2017

If you are looking for the ultimate gambling experience and maximum betting opportunities when playing Baccarat, then you are just where you need to be! Live Speed Baccarat by Evolution is a super-fast variant of Baccarat, so fasten your seatbelts – you are in for some ride!

About Evolution Speed Baccarat

Speed Baccarat follows pretty much the same rules as other baccarat games at online casinos. You will need to choose one of the three available bets during the main game, with additional betting opportunities available in the form of side bets.

After the betting period ends, the dealer will hand out two face-up cards for the player and banker. Depending on the scores, players may choose to draw a third card. Once all cards are dealt, the dealer will announce the outcome.

As the name of the game implies, the key difference lies in the game round. You might be used to the standard 48-second round when you play baccarat, but the Speed version ups the pace – the action occurs in a 27-second window.

How to Play Speed Baccarat

Various cyrpto coins on top of a mobile device. Step 1

Buy A Cryptocurrency

Your first order of business should be buying a cryptocurrency. Cryptorush accepts a wide array of digital assets, so you can purchase any you deem fit for your gambling style.

A person checking Cyrptorush casino from a laptop. Step 2

Create a Cryptorush Account

You can now go through the short registration process at Cryptorush. Just a few details are needed, so you won’t need to provide extensive personal data.

A person browsing through Cyrptorush from a laptop. Step 3

Make A Deposit

Once your account is set up, you will need to top up your account. Since Speed Baccarat is a live casino game, you won’t be able to play it for free first.

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Adjust Your Bet Size and Play

Finally, browse through the game catalogue at Cryptorush, find Speed Baccarat, adjust your chip value and start playing. Thanks to the HD cameras and friendly dealers, you will be in for an amazing gambling journey.

Speed Baccarat Odds & Payouts

You should become familiar with the technical details before you play for real money. With an RTP of 98.94%, Speed Baccarat has a higher than average return. In light of this, the different Speed Baccarat payouts are listed below.

Bet Type Payout
Player or Banker Pair 11:1
Either Pair 5:1
Perfect Pair (one pair) 25:1
Player and Banker Bonus (a natural 8 or 9 by at least four points) 30:1
Perfect Pair Two Pairs 200:1

Speed Baccarat House Edge

One of the reasons why baccarat games are highly sought-after is their low house edge. The Speed Baccarat rules haven’t specified the exact house edge, but since the regular baccarat table has house odds that range from 1.01% to 1.24% on the banker and player bets, you can expect good value for your money.

Betting Mechanics

As mentioned above, the betting mechanics and the general rules of Speed Baccarat don’t differ much from traditional Baccarat titles, but be wary of the speedy nature of the game. Here, all cards from 1-9 retain their value, Aces are worth 1, while 10s and face cards count as 0. The winner is the hand that has a combined score of 9 or the closest to that number.

The odds for the banker and player bets are 1:1, but since the Banker gets a 5% commission, the payout will now be 0.95:1.

Various Options for Placing Side Bets

Another factor that makes the Speed Baccarat game so intriguing and appealing for punters is its wide repertoire of side bets. All players can predict that at least one of the two hands will result in a pair:

  • Player or Banker Pair – offers a payout of 11:1;
  • Either Pair – gets you a 5:1 payout;
  • Perfect Pair – requires the pair to have the same value, suite and color, for which the payout is 25:1;
  • Player and Banker Bonus – bet on the Banker or the Player Bonus and back them to have a natural 8 or 9, or by at least four points to get up to 30:1 payout;
  • Perfect Pairs Side Bet – Two pairs are needed for this side bet, and if you manage to predict that both the player and the banker will have a perfect pair, then you are in for a whopping 200:1 payout.

Playing Interface Information

First impressions are always important, so get ready to be stunned from the moment you load Speed Baccarat. The studio has a nice resemblance to a land-based casino but in a very oriental style. You will notice the charming dealers wearing red dresses to enhance the gaming atmosphere.

Of course, as is the case with all other live casino games, you can interact with the dealer via the live chat box and they will be sure to respond to any questions or comments. Overall, the Speed Baccarat tables feature a user-friendly interface, so even players without prior experience won’t struggle to place bets and play.

Bonus Payouts in Speed Baccarat

As seen in the payouts chart above, both the Banker and the Player Bonus can pay out if they manage to win the round with a natural eight or nine, or by at least four points. The odds for this are adjusted based on the hand value, but you can expect a payout of up to 30:1.

Speed Baccarat vs Lightning Baccarat

Lightning Baccarat is another title by Evolution Gaming that caught the attention of many online casino players around the world. Don’t be confused about the resembling names of Speed and Lightning Baccarat, there are some notable differences between the two variants.

Speed Baccarat
Side bets are available
5% Banker commission
No random multipliers
Fast-paced gameplay
Stunning user-interface
Lightning Baccarat
Players can place Pairs and Ties side bets
20% Lightning Fee is imposed
1-5 Lightning Cards are generated, each of which has a multiplier of up to 8x
Standard gameplay
Great black and gold user-interface

Tips to Win Speed Baccarat

Playing Bitcoin live baccarat allows you to implement a few useful tips and strategies to your gameplay. Note that these strategies won’t guarantee you wins – they can merely boost the odds a bit in your favor, so here are a few suggestions you can use:

  • Be wary of the speed of the game – The first tip is an obvious one. Speed Baccarat features much faster gameplay, so you won’t have much time to dwell on your bets.
  • The Banker Bet is the best – The Banker Win is statistically the most successful bet in the baccarat game, so if you plan on keeping it safe, this is your go-to option.
  • Use betting systems – Betting strategies like Martingale, Fibonacci, and co. are applicable to Speed Baccarat, so they can offer you structured and much more controlled gameplay.

Regardless of which baccarat strategies you choose, make sure to gamble within your limits and never chase losses.

Play Speed Baccarat with Crypto

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Enjoy The Ultimate Fast-Paced Adventure with Speed Baccarat

Live casino games will never allow a dull gambling experience, but Speed Baccarat offers some additional twists to what you might be used to. Everyone who enjoys fast-paced gameplay with big potential payouts will instantly feel at home with this amazing title by the ever-so-reliable Evolution.

That is not all, as if you are hungry for more, you can play Evolution games with Bitcoin at any time at Cryptorush – the whole repertoire of titles is at your disposal!


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