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Regardless of whether you are a novice in the crypto gambling world, or you are a seasoned player, a good overview of the blackjack strategy will do you no harm in enhancing your knowledge of the game. Because crypto blackjack is a very captivating casino game that requires a combination of skill, strategy, and, of course – mostly luck.

By implementing the strategies we will mention here, it will be much easier to boost your odds of winning and maximizing the overall excitement while playing.

How Blackjack Basic Strategy Works

Blackjack is one of the simplest crypto casino games, but you need to have a solid plan in place when playing. It will be your roadmap for making optimal decisions based on what your hand is and what the dealer’s upcard is.

Stand If You Have 12-16 and The Dealer Has 2-6

This is one of the basic blackjack strategies you will encounter. If you have a hand that has a total value between 12-16 and the dealer has 2-6, then you are best advised to stand. There is a good reason for implementing this strategy – it seeks to take full advantage of the scenario where the dealer busts when they have a weak upcard.

Hit If You Have 12-16 and The Dealer Has 7-Ace

On the other side of the spectrum, you will sometimes see the dealer have a strong upcard that can rage from 7-Ace. If that is the case, we strongly advise you to hit, but only if you have a total hand value between 12-16 – excluding pairs, of course. This is how you can improve your own hand to a more competitive level.

Split Aces and 8s

When the dealer gives you a pair of Aces or 8s, it can be advantageous to split them into separate hands. By doing this with Aces, you will significantly improve your chances of getting a strong hand. The same applies to 8s, as if you split them, you will avoid the seemingly weak hand of 16.

Double Down on 11 If The Dealer Has 2-10

The final so-called “winning strategy” when you play crypto blackjack is to double down if you have a hand valued 11, and the dealer has an upcard anywhere in the range of 2-10. By doubling down, you will receive an additional card, which can turn your hand into a much stronger one.

Playing Options When You Play Blackjack

You can choose any basic blackjack betting system we mentioned above, but what does their basic terminology mean? Let’s go over the most common phrases in the blackjack game that you must understand if you are to play for real money.

Hit or Stand

The basic blackjack rules start with you having two options when you play the game – hit or stand. The first is an instruction that you give to the dealer, requesting an extra card. Contrary to that, if you decide to stand, you hold your total and your turn on the table ends.

Double Down

We already mentioned doubling down a couple of times above, and it means that you will double your bet in the middle of your hand. After that, the dealer will hand you another card. Of course, this is a strategy based on the riskier side of the spectrum, as if you are dealt a low card, you won’t be able to hit again – risking losing money in the process.

Split Pairs

Another term that blackjack players will commonly encounter when enjoying this thrilling game is that you will be offered to split your cards if they are of the same value. This way, you can split the cards into two separate hands, and receive an additional one for each hand from the dealer.


Most casinos feature blackjack variants that feature the surrender rule. The games that have this specific rule allow blackjack players to fold their hands before drawing new cards. When you choose to surrender, half your bet will be returned, with the other half being forfeited.

How to Learn The Basic Blackjack Strategy

Player holding blackjack cards and a pipe at a casino table. Step 1

Start With The Basics

Before you even think about a blackjack strategy, you need to understand the terminology, the rules, and the general gameplay of crypto blackjack. It shouldn’t be a process that takes a lot of time, but you need to get around it!

Dealer placing cards on a red felt casino table. Step 2

Choose a Blackjack Variant

Different blackjack variants may have slight fluctuations in their rules, so you need to choose one that matches your taste the most. There are tons of variants out there, so choose carefully!

Dealer organizing cards at a casino table with chips. Step 3

Play For Free

Some blackjack variants have demo versions that you can try out for free before you wager your own money. By playing for free, you will get to learn some strategies that you can later use.

Players at a casino table while the dealer handles cards. Step 4

Use The Blackjack Strategy Chart

We will get into the strategy chart next here, but we strongly advise you to have it by your hand at all times. Your options when playing blackjack can be quite extensive, so instead of trying to memorize everything, you can simply print it and use it at your convenience.

Blackjack Strategy Chart

If you are to beat the dealer when playing crypto blackjack, you must understand every move you can use during the game. To save you valuable time on research, here is a complete overview of the blackjack strategy chart that you can print and use whenever you play the game!

Dealer’s Hand
Your Hand 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 A
8 H H H H H H H H H H
9 H D/H D/H D/H D/H H H H H H
10 D/H D/H D/H D/H D/H D/H D/H D/H H H
11 D/H D/H D/H D/H D/H D/H D/H D/H D/H D/H
12 H H S S S H H H H H
13 S S S S S H H H H H
14 S S S S S H H H H H
15 S S S S S H H H R/H H
16 S S S S S H H R/H R/H R/H
17 S S S S S S S S S S
A,2 H H H D/H D/H H H H H H
A,3 H H H D/H D/H H H H H H
A,4 H H D/H D/H D/H H H H H H
A,5 H H D/H D/H D/H H H H H H
A/6 H D/H D/H D/H D/H H H H H H
A,7 S D/S D/S D/S D/S S S H H H
A,8 S S S S S S S S S S
2,2 P/H P/H P P P P H H H H
3,3 P/H P/H P P P P H H H H
4,4 H H H P/H P/H H H H H H
5,5 D/H D/H D/H D/H D/H D/H D/H D/H H H
6,6 P/H P P P P H H H H H
7,7 P P P P P P H H H H
8,8 P P P P P P P P P P
9,9 P P P P P P P P S S
10,10 S S S S S S S S S S

How to Read The Blackjack Chart

We understand that at first, the blackjack chart can be a bit overwhelming to understand, but the reality is far from that. The chart explains each situation when you play the game, so here is what the terminology in the chart above means exactly:

  • H – Hit
  • S – Stand
  • P – Split
  • D/H – Double down if possible/otherwise hit
  • D/S – Double down if possible/otherwise hit
  • P/H – split if double down after split if possible/otherwise hit
  • R/H – surrender if possible/otherwise hit

Blackjack table with chips, illustrating how to read charts.

Takeaways From The Strategy Chart

The perfect basic strategy requires extensive knowledge of the chart above, but to get you started, we can mention a few takeaways that can be more than helpful at the start of your gambling journey, besides the main points above:

  • Stand on 17 – To boost your odds of having a winning hand, we suggest you stand on a hard 17 or higher, if you have such a hand. Even if the dealer has an Ace or 10, the chances are that they won’t have a natural blackjack.
  • Never Spilt 10s – According to the chart above, you should always stand if you have a pair of 10s as your starting hands. Having a hand valued at 20 goes a long way toward boosting your odds of winning.
  • Hit If You Have Ace-7 and the Dealer Has 9, 10, or Ace – Finally, Ace-7 is seemingly a good hand you can have while playing crypto blackjack, but we advise to hit if you see the dealer having an upcard higher than 8, as they are odds-on to have a better hand than 18.

Blackjack Betting Systems

After mastering the basic strategy according to the chart above, it may be time to up your game and incorporate additional and a bit more complicated betting systems that can take your gameplay to a whole different level.

Some of these betting systems are easier to comprehend. An example would be the card counting system, but since that it is not eligible for online gambling, we will not dive into its details. Instead, let’s focus on some of the applicable systems.

Paroli/Reverse Martingale

First off, we have the Paroli betting system, which is a form of positive betting progression in crypto blackjack, but is also applicable to other casino games as well.

This is the complete opposite of the Martingale system, and it sees you doubling your wager after a win until you achieve a winning streak of at least three victories.

This way, you will return your initial stake over time, and every time you lose a bet in blackjack, your next wager should be your original stake. Therefore, you will never encounter the big losses you might normally experience if you use progressive systems.

An example would make this betting system much more clear. Let’s say you start with a $100 bet. If you end up winning the round, you will increase your bet size to $200 for your next wager. Then, if you win again, you will bet $400 as your final bet.

Note that now, regardless of the outcome of the third wager, you return to your original stake for your fourth bet.


The Martingale system is a negative progression system that requires you to double your betting unit for your next bet whenever you lose a hand. This way, you can always “get back to even”, regardless of the size of the losing streaks you are on.

Nonetheless, please be aware that even if you wager low amounts when playing blackjack, you will still need a significant bankroll if you are to use the Martingale system in the long run.

Let’s round the Martingale system with an example of how you can use it. Let’s say you have bet $10 on blackjack and lose your first bet. Then, the betting system requires you to wager $20 on your next hand, with the third bet having to be $40, etc. The doubling goes on until you eventually secure a win.


Moving on, the Fibonacci strategy is one of the more complicated betting systems you will encounter. It can either be a positive or negative progression. This is a betting system based on the Fibonacci sequence that sees you add the sum of the previous two numbers in the series. Here is what that sequence would look like:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc.

An example of using the Fibonacci betting system would be as follows:

  • You start your first bet with one unit – let’s say it is $10
  • As you progress through the round, you multiply $10 by whatever you are along that sequence.

A positive progression approach to the Fibonacci system will require you to increment your wagers with each winning hand, and when you lose a round – you go back to where you started and start again.

The negative progression system is more popular among crypto blackjack players as it requires you to increase your bets along the sequence for every losing hand. When you secure a win, you go back two places on the sequence and start again.

Of course, Fibonacci is one of the blackjack betting systems that requires you to keep a close eye on your bankroll.


Finally, the 2-1-2 system is a mixture of positive and negative progression, so it focuses exclusively on streaks. Your blackjack betting round will begin with you wagering two units, and whenever you hit a winning streak, you need to decide whether you increase your stake by one or two units.

Let’s make things more clear with a practical example of this system. You will start with two units and if you win your first round, you will need to reduce your bet by one unit. A win in the second round will oblige you to increase your bet by two units.

You will need to multiply your bet by a unit with every win, but a loss would compel you to return to your first two-unit bet.

As you can probably notice, the 2-1-2 system tries to give all blackjack players a bit of safety when playing the game. It protects you from losing big chunks of money rapidly, but of course – you need to pay attention to where you are in the series and increase or decrease your bets accordingly.

Advanced Strategy Tips in Crypto Blackjack

Now that you know all there is to know about blackjack betting systems, we thought you might benefit from some advanced tips that will undoubtedly increase your chances of ending up on a winning streak whenever you play online or live crypto blackjack at Cryptorush:

  • Never take insurance bets – The optimal blackjack strategy stipulates that you never take insurance – especially if the dealer’s upcard is an Ace. Land-based casino players who count cards can always rely on the insurance bet, but that is not possible while gambling online.
  • Take advantage of low cards – Inevitably, you will sometimes be dealt low cards and it may seem like the house edge is all against you. However, that may not be the case, as if you and the dealer have low starting cards, it means that more high cards may be coming your way.
  • Test different strategies – You have tons of positive and negative progression systems that you can use when playing blackjack, so why limit yourself to just one? Test a few out and see which ones match your preferences the most.
  • Go against the basic strategy chart sometimes – The basic strategy is great 99% of the time, but seasoned players have a scenario where they go against it. Seasoned punters sometimes get a pair of 10s and split if the dealer shows a 5 or 6. More high cards are in the deck, so the chances of getting one and getting natural blackjack increase drastically.
  • Claim bonusesBonuses and ongoing promotions are always a great idea to boost your bankroll and potential wins, so always be on the lookout for the best offer!
  • Never chase losses – The golden rule of online gambling is to never let losing streaks overcome your judgment. If you are having an unlucky day playing blackjack, know that there is always tomorrow. Don’t bet more than what you can afford.

Spinning Bitcoin on casino table, highlighting advanced strategy tips.

Use Strategies To Secure Bigger Profits

Crypto blackjack is one of the simplest games you will encounter in your online gambling endeavor. Part of the reason why that is the case is the possibility of you using various blackjack strategies that can help you secure larger profits.

Of course, no betting system can guarantee you wins, but learning the basic and advanced strategy tips for blackjack will provide you with a clear plan and platform for approaching the game at Cryptorush.


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